Laboratorios Sanfer at Pharma Event PharmaVenue: Leader in Mexico

Laboratorios Sanfer, a leading pharmaceutical company participating at Pharma Event PharmaVenue, is part of the Invekra group. Invekra is actually a conglomerate of six pharmaceutical companies, which includes Laboratorios Sanfer, Laboratorios Hormona, and MorePharma in Mexico, Laboratorios Bussié and Labinco in Colombia, and Pharmadorf in Argentina. Altogether, the group is ranked as number one in the Mexican pharmaceutical market among Mexican companies and number five in the entire Mexican pharmaceutical market, including multinational corporations.

International Collaborations

Essentially, Laboratorios Sanfer participation at Pharma Event PharmaVenue is crucial to further extend its global partnerships. It is important to note that Laboratorios Sanfer and Hormona were founded over 60 years ago with a policy of absolute respect for patents and trademarks. As a result, the companies have established many commercial agreements such as licenses-in and joint ventures with the main pharmaceutical companies in the world. The company’s partners include Pfizer, GSK, Bristol, Servier, Takeda, Menarini, Daiichi, Tanabe, Recordati, Viatris (Asta Medica), Uriach, Blistex, Lil Drug Store, Pint Pharma, Kin, and many more. The company’s solid reputation and over 70 licensing brands make it a partner of choice for multinational companies.

Wide Range of Divisions

Furthermore, the Group has a wide range of divisions that cater to different markets. In Mexico, the operations are divided into several Business Units, including the Pharma Division, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Division, Oncological Division, Gastroenterological Division, OTC Division, CNS Division, Gynecological Division, Nutritional Division, NCS, Infectology, Dermatology, International Division, Generics division, Government Sales Division, and Animal Healthcare Division. Overall, the company has a sales force of over 1,100 medical representatives.

Pharma Event PharmaVenue

Bussie’s main markets are Gastroenterological, Psychiatric, Dermatological, Generics, and Veterinary. The company has a sales force of 160 medical representatives in Colombia, with 45 representatives covering the Central American Territory in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.

Labinco is mainly focused on Pharma, CNS, CVM, Infectology, and Gastrointestinal. It is based in Bogota, Colombia.

Pharmadorf is mainly focused on the ophthalmic market as well as CNS, CVM, Respiratory, Gynecology, and Pharma. It is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Acquisition of IDISA Group: In April 2016, Invekra acquired IDISA Group, a Mexican pharmaceutical and research company specializing in animal health and vaccines.

Expansion: In 2016, Sanfer opened subsidiaries in Chile and Ecuador. In early 2017, the company opened a subsidiary in Panama.


The Invekra group has modern facilities to manufacture pharmaceutical products for their proprietary products and third-party companies. The company has a wide production capacity in all pharmaceutical forms such as tablets, capsules, and liquids. On the other hand, Laboratorios Sanfer is seeking licenses-in opportunities for innovative products such as oncological and biotechnological products, anti-diabetic products, anti-obesity products, anti-infective products (quinolones and cephalosporins of last generations), cardiovascular products (except anti-hypertensive products), dermatology, gastroenterological products, gynecological, OTC, and vaccines.

Participation in the PharmaVenue Partnering Event

Laboratorios Sanfer will be participating in the May PharmaVenue Partnering Meeting, an event where international pharmaceutical companies come together to close new collaboration deals.