Why In-Licensing in Pharma?

Why In-Licensing in Pharma?

In-Licensing in Pharma is important considering that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive and complex industries in the world. With companies constantly searching for new ways to develop and market innovative products that meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers, in-licensing is a strategy used by pharmaceutical companies. Through in-licensing, they acquire the rights to market or develop a product or technology from another company.

Why is in-licensing important in the pharmaceutical industry?

In-licensing is an important strategy for the pharmaceutical industry to acquire promising drug candidates or technologies from external sources, ... read more Why In-Licensing in Pharma?

Laboratoires Gilbert at Pharma Meeting PharmaVenue

Laboratoires Gilbert at Pharma Meeting PharmaVenue: A Trusted Leader in the French OTC Market.

Laboratoires Gilbert is a leading independent company on the French OTC Market, offering a wide range of natural, safe, and effective over-the-counter products since 1904. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products for daily use by the whole family, with a focus on consumer healthcare brands. With two manufacturing sites under GMP certification, Laboratoires Gilbert is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability.

In addition to its commitment to quality, Laboratoires Gilbert is also dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company has implemen... read more Laboratoires Gilbert at Pharma Meeting PharmaVenue

Laboratorios Sanfer at Pharma Event PharmaVenue: Leader in Mexico

Laboratorios Sanfer, a leading pharmaceutical company participating at Pharma Event PharmaVenue, is part of the Invekra group. Invekra is actually a conglomerate of six pharmaceutical companies, which includes Laboratorios Sanfer, Laboratorios Hormona, and MorePharma in Mexico, Laboratorios Bussié and Labinco in Colombia, and Pharmadorf in Argentina. Altogether, the group is ranked as number one in the Mexican pharmaceutical market among Mexican companies and number five in the entire Mexican pharmaceutical market, including multinational corporations.

International Collaborations

Essentially, Laboratorios Sanfer participation at Pharma Event PharmaVenue is crucial to further extend its global partnerships.... read more Laboratorios Sanfer at Pharma Event PharmaVenue: Leader in Mexico

INPHARMA SpA at the Pharma Meeting PharmaVenue: Your Reliable CDMO Partner

INPHARMA SpA at the upcoming pharma meeting PharmaVenue. INPHARMA SpA is your quality CDMO Partner for Nutritional Supplements, Food for Special Medical Purposes, and Medical Devices and is a leading Italian CDMO that specializes in the production of high-quality food supplements, medical devices, and food for special medical purposes. With a team of highly skilled professionals, the company is able to handle the entire process from ideation to finished product.

Quality Certifications

The company boasts several quality certifications, including UNI EN ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, ISO 45001, FSSC 22000, GMP food, and an internal R&D and CQ lab. INPHARMA SpA's certifications ensure that all products are manufactured according to the ... read more INPHARMA SpA at the Pharma Meeting PharmaVenue: Your Reliable CDMO Partner

Nordic Pharma at Pharma Meeting PharmaVenue: Innovating to Address Unmet Medical Needs

Nordic Pharma is to be at the Pharma Meeting PharmaVenue in May 2023 to expand its business reach. As a privately owned pharmaceutical company it specializes in the development and commercialization of specialty products. With a focus on niche hospital and orphan products, Nordic Pharma aims to address unmet medical needs in the therapeutic areas of Ophthalmology, Rheumatology, Women's Health, and Critical Care.

Moreover, Nordic Pharma has a history of internal product development and acquisitions, and the company has established deep roots throughout Europe. In recent years, Nordic Pharma has expanded its reach beyond Europe, with increased partnerships worldwide.

In its commitment to improving patient care, Nordic Pharma is attending the international networking and pa... read more Nordic Pharma at Pharma Meeting PharmaVenue: Innovating to Address Unmet Medical Needs

Eurodrug Laboratories will be at Pharma Event PharmaVenue

Eurodrug Laboratories will be at Pharma Event PharmaVenue in Madrid. This event is an excellent opportunity for Eurodrug to showcase its extensive product range and network of commercial partners to potential collaborators and investors. Eurdrug Laboratories is a leading pharmaceutical company focused on emerging markets,

PharmaVenue is a renowned partnering event that brings together pharmaceutical and biotech companies, investors, and other stakeholders to discuss collaborations and investment opportunities. It is a platform that facilitates networking, partnership building, and business development, making it an essential event for companies seeking to expand their reach in the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore, participating i... read more Eurodrug Laboratories will be at Pharma Event PharmaVenue

Aldo-Union With Respiratory Drugs at Pharma Partnering

Aldo-Union will be at Pharma Partnering with quality respiratory drugs. It is a privately-owned pharmaceutical group headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, with a global presence as a major player in the generic respiratory drugs industry. With over 60 years of experience, Aldo-Union has built a reputation for producing high-quality and affordable generic respiratory drugs, including asthma inhalers and nasal sprays. Aldo-Union has a highly qualified and motivated international team of aprox 300 employees and a turnover of around 100€ Million, making it one of the leading specialized manufacturers in the industry.

Aldo-Union has a strong focus on research and development, which has led to the creation of innovative products and technologies. Its state-of-the-art production facilities and... read more Aldo-Union With Respiratory Drugs at Pharma Partnering

Galen’s Interest in Pharma Partnering: Expanding Global Reach!

To understand Galen's interest in PharmaVenue's Pharma Partnering it is necessary to understand the company's background. Galen, a privately-owned specialty Pharma company based in Northern Ireland, has recently expanded its commercial operations in the Nordic region following the acquisition of POA Pharma AB. At this moment, the company's focus is on expanding its portfolio of niche prescription medicines for hospital use in order to become a global pharmaceutical company, with specialty products in key European markets and the US. Galen works in partnership with healthcare professionals, patients, and payors by combining innovation in product benefits with competitive pricing. As a result, the company's philosophy has been a major factor in its success to date, such as its TrustSaver offe... read more Galen’s Interest in Pharma Partnering: Expanding Global Reach!